Rocket 3 Downloadable PDF Edition


The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of Rocket 3 'download edition'. With all original content, we're confident it's going to be popular; the last edition got lots of positive feedback. The edition includes:

  • Foreign banks tangled up in the Volcker Rule: Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
  • European Regulatory Authority finally moving forward: Sol Steinberg
  • Portfolio compression winners and losers: Diana Higgins
  • The clearing mandate: Jon Gregory
  • CCP Risk Assessment Reports: Bill Hodgson
  • CCP Notionals Scoresheet: Bill Hodgson
  • Solving the collateral conundrum: Ricky Maloney
  • Collateral Management Infrastructure - 10 Reasons You Need to Invest: Ted Allen
  • So Many Margin Models: Peter Walsh
  • Months to Go - Margin on Bilateral OTC Trades: Bill Hodgson
  • Asymmetry of CSAs Causes FVA Costs: Ben Larah
  • A-Players and the World of OTC: Daniel Halstead
  • Build Team Harmony to Get More Done: Penny Davenport
  • Document digitisation: Nana Solomon

The PDF is attached below, click to download, please send your friends and colleagues to this page so our download counter gets lots of attention.