Regulators Really Do Care About Data Quality


At the recent DerivOps conference Lloyd Altman gave a speech demonstrating why global regulators are continuing to focus on the quality of data being provided, and how they are changing regulations to fix some of the problems that have occurred.  Below is a video format of the speech with the slides, and for convenience here are the time points for each slide:

  1. Intro and background (00:00)
  2. Scope of the presentation (01:13)
  3. Global regulatory requirements timeline (02:04)
  4. US regulators and data quality, the CFTC letter to dealers in December 2015 (05:15)
  5. The CFTC consultation on regulatory changes in December 2015 (06:55)
  6. SEC regulations SBSDR and SBSR, upcoming deadlines for Data Repositories to register (08:09)
  7. EU regulators and data quality, the EMIR re-writes and changes (10:39)
  8. The EMIR RTS re-write, summary of changes (12:05)
  9. What about MIFIR? (13:00)
  10. The Report-it.Trade Suite (Validate, [Back]Load and Reportable) (13:27)
  11. How Riskfocus gives firms extra time to prepare for reporting, the development timeline (16:14)
  12. Global regulatory coverage and the Riskfocus SLA (18:32)
  13. Screenshot and explanation of (19:54)
  14. Screenshot and explanation of [Back]Load (21:03)
  15. Screenshot and explanation of (22:19)
  16. The free service to check your implementation, (22:52)

Make sure you switch YouTube to HD for the best picture quality.

For more information contact Lloyd via his profile (icons on the right) or call him on +1 (917) 675-4312