Riskfocus Video Series: Trade and Transaction Reporting: What good can come of it?


There is no end of research extoling the grim realities or lamenting the high costs and negative impacts of Trade and Transaction Reporting, unfortunately, it’s not going away. We thought it was time to explore the positive perspective. In this enhanced recording of a live event on June 30th we asked four firms with varying stakes in the Trade and Transaction Reporting domain to discuss the perceived, achieved and potential positives to be gained from this unavoidable obligation.

  • Having been forced to combine and align multiple sources of transaction data, are there internal benefits that have accrued or may accrue?
  • What data quality controls have been built and how have they benefited the market as a whole?
  • Has the need for matching at the trade repository improved the quality or integrity of intra-firm processes? Confirmations, settlements etc?
  • Has delegated reporting improved clients access to data and understanding of the operational flows?
  • What have we learned from the public data?

Our Panellists (full details below) include:

  • Brian Lynch, CEO Riskfocus
  • Chris Barnes, Writer and Analyst at ClarusFT
  • Steve French, Head of Regulatory Services at Traiana
  • Gavin Dixon, Senior Expert and ex-COO Credit Trading at BNP

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Video Sections

  1. The State of Play
    • The Search for Benefits 
    • The Hub Concept
    • Poll 1 - Has Trade Reporting Benefited Your Firm?
    • Market Feedback
  2. Data Quality and Controls
    • Global Regulations
    • Poll 2 - How has Trade Reporting Affected Data Quality in Your Firm?
  3. What have we learned from the Public data?
    • ​CCP Basis
    • Packages
    • Public and Private Data Uses
    • Poll 3 - What Is Your Firm Using the Public Data For?
  4. Delegated Reporting
    • ​Expectations regarding MiFID/MiFIR
    • Opportunities
    • ​Conclusions from all panellists

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Speaker Biographies

Brian Lynch

CEO: Riskfocus

Brian Lynch is the Chief Executive Officer of Risk Focus, responsible for defining and executing company strategy. Prior to joining the company in 2011, Brian spent 14 years at UBS, most recently as Chief Operating Officer for Delta One trading, a role in which he successfully brought several new business lines and products to market. He also has many years experience at the bank in fixed income, credit default swaps and prime brokerage. Brian received his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the University of Witwatersrand.

Steve French

Director of Product Marketing: Traiana

Steve French is director of product strategy at Traiana, a provider of post-trade processing and risk-management services. 

Chris Barnes

Subject Matter Expert: ClarusFT

Chris has over 12 years experience trading OTC Derivatives markets. He cut his teeth trading Cross Currency Swaps at HSBC in London between 2002 and 2010, before helping to launch Rates Trading at State Street in London (2010-2012). Having relocated to Switzerland, he was most recently Director of Product Development at Gottex. Chris holds an MA from the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences, where his dissertation on artificial intelligence was published in 2001.

Gavin Dixon

Independent Consultant, ex-COO Credit Trading at BNP Paribas

Gavin is a Senior Level Executive, is ACA qualified with a BCommerce (Accounting) degree, and has extensive experience working in Global Capital Markets which he gained while working for leading financial institutions, such as BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank. His key areas of expertise include COO/Business Management, managing Capital Markets Middle Office & Operations teams, and building an OTC Clearing offering from inception.

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