Emergency Webinar for March 1st | Find Out How to Cope with Uncleared Margin


By all accounts the March 1st uncleared margin deadline in is the largest contract renegotiation exercise event in the history of the world. And by other accounts may end being the mother of all disasters, or maybe not. Brendan Nelson and Barry Quinn from Axiom Law are going to entertain you with inside knowledge on:

  • What the 20 leading buy- and sell-side organisations are really doing to prepare
  • Whether the industry will actually meet the deadline
  • How firms are approaching renegotiation, and their coping strategies
  • Options for handling March 1st when you discover things aren't quite as expected
  • What lessons can be learned prior to the final sprint to March 1st?

We hope to add other speakers between now and the broadcast, which will be on February 9th at 15:00 UK time, if you are interested in being a speaker on this topic, please get in touch. Register to attend by completing the form on this page, which also requires you to register for this website first (if you haven't already).