Maximise your collateral management programme in 2017 | Video Highlights


Maximise Your Collateral Management Programme

Are you ready for 2017?: CloudMargin and SWIFT hosted a breakfast meeting on Maximise Your Collateral Management Programme on February 2nd to discuss the impending uncleared margin regulations. Watch these compressed highlights to learn more. The financial industry is changing and how companies approach collateral management is becoming increasingly important. CloudMargin and SWIFT host a discussion for collateral managers and their firms to better understand how to use the most innovative communication tools to manage collateral for competitive advantage.

Panelists include:

  • Lee McCormack, Head of Strategy and Product Development, CloudMargin
  • Karl Wyborn, Global Head of Sales, CloudMargin
  • Matt Cook, Senior Markets Manager Capital Markets & FX, SWIFT

After watching you will leave having learned about:

  • The major post-crisis regulatory changes that are affecting the industry
  • How the collateral management community has been impacted in the front, middle and back office
  • Innovative solutions for managing collateral more efficiently by leveraging legacy and new technologies
  • Real life application: How the CloudMargin + SWIFT collaboration allows firms to use SWIFT Standards for sending and receiving assets for collateral and valuations
  • What the future holds: 2017 is the year of integration and standardisation

Key time points

  • [01:15] Lee McCormack - Drivers in Collateral Management
  • [03:11] Karl Wyborn - Drivers in Collateral Management
  • [06:05] Matt Cook - Drivers in Collateral Management
  • [07:28] Karl Wyborn - SWIFT and CloudMargin Collaboration
  • [08:32] Lee McCormack - The benefits of CloudMargin
  • [09:16] Karl Wyborn - Disruption in the FinTech and Collateral Management space
  • [09:42] Matt Cook - The Take-up of Cloud Technology
  • [10:09] George Murphy - Cloud Technology
  • [10:43] Lee McCormack - Becoming Compliant for March 1st
  • [12:09] Karl Wyborn - Are These Regulations a Surprise?
  • [13:24] Lee McCormack - Forecast for 2017
  • [14:11] Matt Cook - Forecast for 2017

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Important Note

This filming was carried out on February 2nd prior to some announcements by regulators. As of Feb 26th here is what we believe to be the current regulatory status. Please verify your own status via your legal and compliance advisors, do not rely upon the statements below.

  • US CFTC announced a no-action letter
  • US Fed and OCC ask for “good faith” attempts
  • Europe: March 1st but ‘case by case’ forbearance
  • Canada: March 1st
  • Korea: March 1st
  • Japan: March 1st
  • Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore: 6 month transition period

Lee McCormack Interview

At a recent breakfast meeting we had time to ask Lee McCormack from CloudMargin three important questions:  

  1. Will the uncleared margin regulations be delayed?
  2. Should Firms (who aren't compliant) Continue Trading? and
  3. Is Collateral a Front Office Function?

Watch the inteview with Lee here