Don’t Miss a Margin Call: Webinar with Frank Caccio


Don’t Miss a Margin Call With The OpsCheck Workflow Platform

Tuesday 28th March, 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST)

margin call

The requirement for all firms to exchange variation margin from March 1st brings a whole new regulated activity into your operations or collateral management teams. This means line managers and team members have to stay on top of a procedure that if not followed correctly could invite attention from your regulator. Margin calls are just one example but others include providing valuation statements to investors, demonstrating practical implementation of your compliance programme to investors, reducing a managers time to track daily operations and managing third party service providers.

The OpsCheck platform is intended to deliver operational excellence for your business by providing the ‘glue’ to define, execute and track procedures, linked to compliance manuals and procedure guides. In fact, OpsCheck was built to track and enhance oversight for any job performed to run business operations. As a manager you can reduce the amount of email you receive every day, and instead view your dashboard and see quickly that your team have carried out todays work.

Our speaker, software demonstrator and OpsCheck founder is Frank Caccio. Frank has had the privilege of building a culture of operational excellence in several prestigious hedge funds. Such firms include Tiger Management, where Frank served as the Director of Operations, and Highbridge Capital, where he was the Head of Global Operations. His experience overseeing operations for a firm growing its assets threefold to $30 billion gave him a unique perspective into the dynamics necessary for large funds to manage growth. In addition to managing firms with assets measured in the billions, Frank, as COO, has also been instrumental in helping several smaller firms launch operations and transition from managing new funds to thriving as seasoned, high capital asset managers.

Join us for this free webinar where we will blow you away with the simplicity with which you can setup new procedures, delegate them to team members, and watch as they check off tasks and update the managers dashboard in real time. But don’t take out word for it, here are some of the firms who have already signed up and are actively using the OpsCheck platform:

  • KKR
  • Tiger Management
  • Reservoir Capital
  • Freemark Partners
  • Gravitas
  • ViewTrade Securities

The webinar and demo will take place on Wednesday 28th of March at 10am EST / 15:00 UK time and will run rapidly through the concept and then show a live demo of the software in action. If you run a team of operations people, you need to see how this platform could lighten your load and transform your daily work into something trackable. Feel free to invite any managers that help run your infrastructure.

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