Video Recording of Uncleared Margin Compliance in a Nutshell Webinar


uncleared margin

CloudMargin and SmartDX teamed up to run a peer benchmark survey and a follow-up webinar to discuss the results and also:

  • What are the key steps to become compliant with UMR?
  • Comparing Word and Email for repapering with a modern electronic platform
  • Moving from execution to implementation, getting sign-offs and gathering the terms and data you need
  • Comparing Excel for a regulated operational task with the latest electronic platform
  • Hear from someone who’s actually trodden this path and give objective feedback

Speakers included:

  • Robin Moody - Global Head of the SmartDX business
  • Lee McCormack - Head of Strategy and Product Development
  • Ricky Maloney - Business Manager for Rates & Absolute Return

The video recording includes the following sections:

  • [00:18] Webinar and speaker introductions
  • [02:12] A quick recap on the regulatory status
  • [02:44] Poll 1 : What progress have firms made in becoming compliant?
  • [03:41] Poll 1 : Results
  • [04:29] Background the survey respondants
  • [05:13] Approaches to re-papering
  • [08:37] Poll 2 : What platform does your firm use for re-papering?
  • [10:21] Poll 2 : Results
  • [11:36] Delays and inefficiency
  • [19:33] Screenshot of the SmartDX drafting platform
  • [21:05] Poll 3 : What platform does your firm use for Collateral Management?
  • [21:10] Poll 3 : Results
  • [22:38] How does your firm operate margin agreements?
  • [26:35] What are the biggest time wasters?
  • [29:54] What should firms be doing? Next steps
  • [41:43] Audience questions
  • [44:03] Final tips from the experts

Below is an enquiry form - if you'd like more information about either SmartDX or CloudMargin and how they can accelerate your route to compliance with UMR, complete the form and click Submit, this will reach both firms directly.


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