ICYMI ISDA AGM 2019 Round Up


Poll outcomes

ISDA ran various polls with the attendees, here's a summary of voting taken from the ISDA Twitter feed https://twitter.com/ISDA 

  • 38% say they are working to identify collateral management challenges
  • 36% say they see uncertainty on implementing FRTB for Asia (but that probably applies globally)
  • 45% say they are digitising legal documents (I assume beyond scanning PDFs, but turning them into true digital data)
  • 37% say they will be ready by the end of 2019 for an ISDA protocol on IBOR fallbacks (many are already ready)
  • 38% think investment in collateral management will bring the biggest technological benefit
  • 39% say the complexity of the OTC market infrastructure is a barrier to processing
  • 66% say their investment priority is to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • 78% say we will have robot lawyers in 10 years time. Were any of the voters lawyers?


That's it until next year.