JP Morgan e-Trading Survey Highlights Liquidity as Key Issue (Again)


JP Morgan has just published its fourth e-trading survey, which included questions about macro market trends and transformational technologies for 2020. Institutional and professional traders working in FX, Rates and Commodities shared their insights and predictions for the year ahead.

Highlights -

  • The biggest issue cited by traders was the availability of Liquidity (33%), followed by Workflow Efficiency (19%). Transparency, Best Ex and Data Availability were also listed (15%).
  • The most important criteria in terms of choosing Liquidity Provider was Price Consistency (79%), closely followed by price availability in volatile markets (70%).
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is regarded as enabling deep data analysis (71%), optimising trade execution (66%) and honing trading decisions (58%).
  • Best Execution is improved by the availability of real time data (82%), pre trade transparency (59%) and TCA (52%)
  • The most useful data tool predicted and real time market conditions (53%)