Citi Invests in Genesis


Genesis, the financial markets software firm, has received a strategic investment from Citi.

Genesis delivers a suite of low-code applications, including direct automation use cases, such as End User Computing (EUC) replacement and client servicing portals, and addressing complex opportunitiessuch as automating end-to-end electronic trading workflows and mobile framework applications.

Nikhil Joshi, Managing Director, Global Head of Spread Products Technology and Head of Markets Technology for NAM at Citi said: "The Low-code application development paradigm has increasingly gained momentum in the financial industry and has the potential to change the way the industry develops applications in the future. Genesis complements our mainstream application development methodologies, and integrates with them quite well."

Stephen Murphy, CEO of Genesis, said: "Our low-code application platform is essentially democratizing product design. We are delighted that Citi has chosen to partner with Genesis and believe this strategic relationship puts us in a very strong position to not only grow, but also lead a critical effort to deliver low-code application development across the financial markets. Clients can create custom built products and solutions without having to write substantial lines of code and solutions can be developed on average 80% faster than building from scratch."