Colline in the Cloud: A 5 Minute Interview


The OTC Space talked to Helen Nicol from Vermeg Systems about their new Colline in the Cloud platform. The inteview covers these questions:

  1. What is Colline in the Cloud
  2. What are the differences between the new platform and the old?
  3. What was the timeline for creating the new platform?
  4. What feedback has Vermeg had from their existing customers on this new platform?
  5. How is client data kept safe whilst in the cloud?
  6. What are the differences between the traditional on-premise Colline and the Cloud service?
  7. Who are the target clients for this platform?
  8. What is the fee model for this platform?

The video lasts 5 minutes and is a punchy insight into a new option for firms on spreadsheets or who want a quick way to join a collateral management service.