Real time FX PvP Settlement coming in 2021


The OTC Space took time to talk with Arjun Jayaram CEO of Baton systems about their goal to achieve real time FX PvP settlement in 2021, and how their platform integrates into the existing market infrastructure.  In the video we ask Arjun:

  1. What the mission is for Baton Systems?
  2. How does the Baton platform ensure assets on its network exist in the real world?
  3. Will Baton disrupt the existing settlement infrastructure?
  4. Which firms have joined the Baton network?
  5. How does LCH fit into the Baton platform?
  6. Will Baton take on the process of matching exposures against assets?
  7. What are the future plans for the Baton network, including FX PvP settlement?

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