AcadiaSoft's Free UMR Collateral Solution


An interesting announcement from AcadiaSoft - allowing firms to access trade data and collateral agreements already in place with their dealers, starting at zero dollars, with paid add-ons.

Phase 5 and 6 of UMR will impact firms differently depending on how quickly their IM exposure grows. In partnership with AcadiaSoft, CloudMargin have developed an easy to implement solution that provides easy access to all the services required for IM compliance as and when you need them. You only use and pay for what you need, when you need it.

Free to begin with, the new UMR suite is the only solution in the market with dealer data available from day 1. With only a simple trade file required to get going, we make your compliance simple.

The UMR Collateral Suite gives you the ability to:

  • Access a complete solution that manages your IM requirements, no matter the size of your firm
  • Access to all your dealer IM numbers in one place
  • Calculate, agree and pledge margin calls and collateral
  • Reconcile and resolve IM disputes
  • Automate tri-party and third party collateral movement
  • Pay as you scale and future proof

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With one contract, one trade file and one connection, you get access to a fully integrated solution that includes:

  • IM Threshold Monitor: Start with IM Threshold Monitor - the perfect tool to keep track of your daily IM Exposure - one platform with all the support you need.
  • IM Exposure Manager: As your trading margin increases you can seamlessly access all of your dealer IM numbers in one place with the ability to calculate your IM exposure to compare and reconcile against your dealer.
  • Collateral Manager: Easily access your IM exposure in a fully, end-to-end collateral workflow that supports the movement of cash and securities collateral.

The UMR Collateral Suite is a complete solution for the calculation and exchange of Initial Margin.

Photo by William White on Unsplash