Will Anyone Trade LIBOR After 2021?


Over at ClarusFT they've written a comprehensive update on the status of USD LIBOR:

US regulators have announced that banks should cease entering into any new contracts referencing USD LIBOR from 31st December 2021.

This is consistent with the announcement last week from the UK regulators, who pointed out that LIBOR fixings may be published after end-2021 but that no new business could be written against them. These announcements were coordinated with announcements from ICE that they will consult on the specific timelines for LIBOR cessation. These consultations will end in January 2021.

They are summarised well enough on the ICE website:

LIBOR ICE announcement

We may see USD LIBOR continuing to be published all the way into 2023, but that may only be used for legacy contracts. Clarity is coming!

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