Industry Temperature Check After The Delays To UMR


As part of Margin Reform's ongoing strategy to support and influence the financial services industry, we have been assisting Institutional Investor educational events, and several market participants across their Uncleared Margin Rules change delivery programmes.

Given the recent revision to the regulatory implementation timelines due to COVID-19, we believe that there is an opportunity now for newly-in-scope firms to reassess their delivery programmes; considering scope and prioritisation. To assist, we have prepared a short questionnaire to assess industry readiness and inform project delivery programmes.

Individual responses will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with other respondents. Upon closing of the survey, we will share a summarised report with anonymised results which will **enable you to benchmark yourselves against your peers and the wider industry**.

To receive your benchmarking report, we would need the survey completed online by Oct 30th 2020.

If you have any questions on the survey, please direct these to

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