TickSmith and BMLL Collaborate to Help Firms Make the Most of Their Data


TickSmith, creators of the Enterprise Data Webstore and BMLL, the independent provider of harmonised, Level 3 historical data and analytics, announced a collaboration aimed at helping data producers such as stock exchanges, trading venues and data owners generate new revenue streams by creating and distributing analytics derived from their data.

TickSmith technology enables organizations to set-up a completely customizable data web store where end-users can browse,  access and purchase data they need, providing a proven, secure, end-to-end solution that removes the complexities of selling and buying data. 

BMLL allows data producers to apply complex statistical techniques to these big-data sets, creating derived data with valuable insights into market impact, pre & post-trade analytics, order book simulation, compliance and risk. These derived data sets can be made available side-by-side with other data the producers want to monetize. 

“While the pandemic has really accelerated the demand for data, with our enterprise data store it has never been so easy to diversify and expand your data offering.” says TickSmith CEO, Francis Wenzel.  He continues, “With BMLL’s analytics, exchanges and data vendors can now quickly add complementary data products to their own data store and provide even more value to their customers.”

BMLL CEO, Paul Humphrey, says, “When applied to market data, our analytics provide insights that are extremely valuable to trading participants, from compliance to analysts and traders.” He continued, “Hedge funds, quants and execution traders on both the buy and sell side already use BMLL’s analytics to backtest and optimize their trading strategies and find alternative sources of alpha generation.  BMLL’s platform and tools  can now be used to enhance data on TickSmith’s platform.”