Video Interview with Scott Fitzpatrick on Acadiasoft's UMR Collateral Suite


In a recent press release Acadiasoft alerted firms to a 'get started free' approach to their UMR Collateral Suite. Below is an OTC Space interview (5 minutes duration) with Scott Fitzpatrick, COO for Acadiasoft - discussing and learning more about Acadiasoft's newly launched UMR Collateral Suite. Below is the list of questions in the inteview, which you can also watch below:

Q1 - What is the UMR Collateral Suite?

Q2 - How would a firm get started with UMR Collateral Suite?

Q3 - What data is needed to get going with UMR Collateral Suite?

Q4 - How do firms expand the services they use within the platform?

Q5 - Which firms are providing data to the platform?

Q6 - How would you describe the UMR Collateral Suite in three bullets?