November 12, 2015

A cracker of a week for Message Automation

Message Automation is rocketing ahead on all fronts. In the lead up to ‘fireworks’ night in the UK last week we experienced a number of exciting and spectacular events of our own.

Message Automation is rocketing ahead on all fronts. In the lead up to ‘fireworks’ night in the UK last week we experienced a number of exciting and spectacular events of our own.
All Message Automation clients successfully up and running on EMIR L2 ahead of deadline

All of our EMIR reporting clients successfully went live on EMIR L2 on last weekend's deadline date. And even better, all enjoyed a smooth first week of operation. Our EMIR clients range from Global Banks to Buy-side firms, reporting to multiple TRs, and they all benefitted from only having to regression test against the updated rules we supplied, and the fact that the rules were being tested by multiple clients. If your own L2 transition experiences were not as stress free as our users’ please read more about how our trade reporting solutions could help you –
Message Automation client live on IIROC reporting
A major MA client in Canada has gone live on IIROC reporting for bonds and fixed income instruments. This further expands the bank's use of our technology to provide a strategic trade reporting solution, which already covers Dodd-Frank; EMIR; Canadian and Singapore trade reporting. The project also further extends MA’s instrument coverage in trade reporting.  For more on our strategic trade reporting platform, including MiFID2, go to
Message Automation signs up a new Swiss regional bank to support FinfraG reporting
More good news for MA Trade Reporting. A leading Swiss regional bank has signed up with MA to provide a solution for ‘FinfraG’, the Swiss trade reporting regulation. This further extends MA’s unrivalled coverage of multiple trade reporting jurisdictions from a single platform. To see more on our trade reporting solutions, including FinfraG and MiFID2, go to
Tier one firm banks on Message Automation to improve STP
In an innovative new use of MA’s patented technology, an existing Tier One Banking client has engaged with us to work with us on the harmonisation and cleansing of client static data to improve STP across the bank’s trading activities. More details to follow on this new offering.
Major U.S. Bank takes Message Automation to harmonise incoming Clearing Reports
MA has signed a new Tier One US bank as the third user of our unique Clearing Reports solution. By harmonising data from hundreds of reports produced by CCPs and Brokers onto a single in-house database the MA solution enables timely and consistent access to vital information by a wide range of internal consumers including collateral managers, treasurers, operations staff and reconciliation teams. We now have Tier One global clients with head offices in the US, UK and Asia using our solutions which means that we have harmonised clearing data from CCPs and brokers across the globe. To see more on this unique solution go to

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