Barclays DerivHack 2019

It's that time of year again when OTC Derivatives collides with advanced technology – what can we expect this year? Barclays DerivHack is back, bigger and more ambitious than ever!
September 19, 2019 - Editor
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It's that time of year again when OTC Derivatives collides with advanced technology – what can we expect this year?

Barclays DerivHack is back, bigger and more ambitious than ever!

Wednesday, 16 October – Thursday, 17 October 2019

The OTC Space will be covering the years most complex derivatives event as we did in 2018 here.

At Rise London, Rise New York and Singapore

Following last year’s success, Barclays is once again working with ISDA to host DerivHack. Join us to take on a bigger challenge, leveraging the power of the ISDA Common Domain Model (ISDA CDM™) to innovate on the use of common repositories in post trade processing.

In addition to solving the use cases, participants have an incredible opportunity to enhance their knowledge of ISDA CDM and common utilities, and work alongside peers who have been thought leaders in this space.

The event will feature the best and brightest minds collaboratively working on a shared goal of building upon what was achieved last year to demonstrate progress in standardized data & processes using common repositories. Participants will explore ways to externalize aspects of post-trade processing to unlock material savings and efficiencies in the derivatives and securities industry.

The challenge for 2019

  • Broadening the London and New York hosting sites, participants will have the opportunity to innovate in Singapore this year!
  • In line with the developments to ISDA CDM, there is a focused effort to extend the product scope to securities
  • Use cases will cover the full scope of post-trade processes, from the point of trade execution right through to settlement & collateral.

Participants will be challenged to simulate the interaction model among the common repository, broker-dealers and clients. This business network will demonstrate efficient orchestration of security transactions, post trade processing and the servicing of client portfolios. Related business use cases and workflow have been developed in partnership with DTCC and ICMA. For this year’s event, Barclays will be partnering with Digital Asset and R3 where each firm will be providing a ledger-as-a-service to simulate a common repository for CDM-based applications. Additionally, we are partnering with DBS Bank to promote industry awareness on ISDA CDM across APAC. Competing teams in the DerivHack will have the option to leverage these platforms and build atop of them using smart contracts like DAML and Kotlin, with support provided by DA and R3.

You are invited

  • The event will be held on the 16th and 17th of October, simultaneously at Barclays Rise London, Barclays Rise New York and Barclays Singapore
  • For participating teams, a pre-event webinar will be hosted in October first week to provide a walkthrough of business process, related ISDA CDM features, and test data for the event
  • Each participating team (of up to four people) will be assessed by a panel of independent judges over the two days, with prizes awarded in each of the locations
  • Participating teams are free to code on their technology platform of choice, whether that is on a centralized database or a distributed ledger (DLT) solution
  • The final day of the hackathon will include an opportunity for each team to pitch its ideas to an audience made up of other teams, industry guests, academics and journalists
  • Post-event, EY will publish a report summarizing the event outcomes and ISDA CDM adoption opportunities/challenges.

Teams are invited to sign up.

For further information please contact

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