March 22, 2015

Best Beard in Finance? | Fund raising

Mark Croxon may have the best beard in Finance, but won't for much longer – if you can sponsor his shave-a-thon he'd be grateful.

Mark Croxon at Nomura won an award last year for the Best Beard in Finance, but with the weather getting warmer wants to shed his winter adornment by asking for sponsorship for St Giles Trust, a charity which helps offenders become rehabilitated. You can read more about the St Giles Trust here, and more about Mark, in his own words below.

Many of you will have noticed my beard growing significantly over recent months. Many of you have made comment on it, at least two thirds of which have been, perhaps overly politely, complimentary. However there has been a degree of method in my madness. Following on from the goodwill and funds raised from my participation in the London to Land’s End cycle challenge in October last year, I set my mind to thinking about another fundraising event. At Christmas I decided that I would mark the start of spring by shedding my winter coat and shave off my award winning beard*. Mentally I therefore gave myself free rein to let it become a bit extreme ahead of being shorn on Thursday 26th March before the clocks go forward.

*attached is a photograph of me collecting the award for Best Beard in Finance at the Risk 2014 Awards from radio and TV’s Colin Murray

So, please while you are consuming your Friday breakfast treat, nudge your neighbour and say, “Look at this ginger-bearded idiot! A middle-aged man masquerading as a hipster! Doesn’t he look like a tramp? For the love of all we hold dear we must click on that link to donate some money so the fool can save 27 minutes of his day from beard small talk and we are no longer subjected to this disgusting sight!” or words to that effect. Let’s see how much we can throw into the St Giles Trust bucket.
And here’s the serious bit: by me acting the fool and being a bit of a show off and making a big hoo-ha about doing, next Thursday, what most of you do every day…..MEN…..I mean men………..doing, next Thursday, what most of you MEN do every day, then Rob Owen and team are going to be able to have more resources to break the cycle of re-offending and help to change lives of the folk counselling, the lives of folk being counselled, and ultimately our make our communities safer and more productive.
I know, I get it, we’re all busy. Hell, I didn’t even have time to shave this morning. But that’s the last time I say that on a Friday for a while!
Happy Friday,
With sincere thanks,


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