August 15, 2014

Bürgenstock 2014 | Global Forum for Derivatives Markets 23-25 September 2014

Be Part of Bürgenstock 2014, Global Forum for Derivatives Markets, 23-25 September 2014

Be Part Of Bürgenstock 2014

Global Forum for Derivatives Markets
23-25 September 2014*

InterContinental Hotel
Geneva, Switzerland
*Note new date pattern: Tuesday – Thursday
Formerly Wednesday – Friday

Join us for SFOA/FIA/FIA Europe Bürgenstock: The Global Forum for Derivatives Markets which will take place on September 23-25 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Bürgenstock conference, now in its fourth decade, has a long history of attracting distinguished speakers and prominent names from the economic, academic and political worlds for high-level debate and discussion. Please check back for information about this year’s program.

>>Click here for the Daily Reports – a written recap of the 2013 conference sessions<<

Why Geneva?

SFOA and FIA chose Geneva for the 35th annual Bürgenstock Global Derivatives Conference for its vibrant trading community, international focus and excellent conference venues. We have assembled the below facts and figures about Geneva’s role in international trading, shipping, trade financing, and financial services.  In addition, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Trade Organization, and the European Free Trade Association, amongst others, are headquartered in Geneva, which gave us access to interesting speakers. We are also pleased to note that Geneva ranks sixth in the world as a preferred destination for conferences. 

Geneva is home to:

  • 143 banks
  • 64 foreign-owned banks
  • 500 trading companies
  • 734 independent asset managers
  • 2,722 financial intermediaries
  • 34,604 people employed in financial sector

Geneva is a trade hub

The city is ranked first worldwide for trade finance, traded free market oil, traded grains and traded oilseeds. It is ranked first in European cotton trade. Geneva is responsible for:

  • 1/2 of worldwide petroleum traded
  • 22% of raw material shipped
  • 30% of worldwide trade cereals
  • 20% of worldwide traded sugar

Geneva is the world banking centre for commodity and trade finance- and is particularly strong in emerging markets, such as Africa and South America. 
Statistics compiled by Geneva Department of Regional Affairs from various sources, visit:

For more information on the agenda, location and how to sign up, click on over to the Burgenstock event page.

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