April 26, 2021

Cassini Case Study: Global Investment Manager

In this Cassini case study as we make our way into the depths of 2021, Investment Managers and the wider buy-side community who trade any derivatives now have to consider their Initial Margin, Variation Margin, cash buffers, eligible collateral, and funding costs. Tying all these elements back into a true cost of trade to ensure Best Execution is a challenge for any firm.

Download our latest case study, as we showcase how one Cassini customer addressed these challenges by creating a consistent and holistic view of margin, collateral and funding across the organization and trade lifecycle, with Cassini Analytics, as well as becoming UMR compliant with Cassini's UMR and SIMM services.

Cassini Case Study

The case study discusses:

  • The background of our customer and the key challenges they were facing, which included compliance under UMR
  • Specific customer goals, which included the need to understand drivers and consumers in margin to lower derivatives trading costs
  • Why Cassini was chosen as their provider and partner
  • Client specific results, which delves into the immediate margin savings for the firm.


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