June 12, 2014

CCP account structures | Macfarlanes’ briefing

Law Firm Briefing on EMIR Account Structures

I am pretty sure I have said it before. I love lawyers' summaries! Especially when it comes to regulation, I very much appreciate their views when structures are complex.

On 11 June, Law firm Macfarlanes LLP issued a 4-page (only) briefing on CCP account structures under EMIR (the site requires a free registration) in order to assist derivatives market participants in choosing an account type. Their note looks at the difference between the account options available and certain potential benefits or risks associated with them. 

For those still not sure which account type to choose the note addresses the following questions: 

  • Why do I need to consider central counterparty (CCP) account structures?
  • What is omnibus and individual client segregation?
  • What are the different types of Omnibus client accounts?
  • What about porting upon a CM's default ?

At the end, a summary of the omnibus and individual client segregation account structures' advantages and disadvantages is included, which is pretty useful.



Maria L.

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