October 16, 2012

CCP Score Sheet as of October 2012

It's been a while since I updated my popular chart with the current notionals at the various CCPs. New entrants to this months chart include:

  • JSCC for IRS off to a quick start with $42bn
  • Data for CME and LCH on NDFs
  • IDCG became SwapClear US
  • KDPW with concrete plans to launch next month
  • Eurex is about to start IRS clearing with support from a group of the tier 1 dealers, but no data yet.
  • UPDATE 1: CME Plans for Europe revised, intending to launch IRS before the end of the year, and plans for CDS and FX in 2013
  • UPDATE 2: Eurex Equities moved back a year to 2013 based on David's comment
  • UPDATE 3: Brasil added, two strands, clearing and registration, see this article: here

If anyone sees any mistakes, please let me know. I also added the software platform being used where known. Whilst Calypso has the most installations, by notional Murex is way ahead ;-)

CCP Chart



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