May 20, 2022

Christian Gressel Joins Client Advisory Group at Tradefeedr

Tradefeedr, the leading independent FX Data Analytics Platform, today announced that Christian Gressel has been appointed to its Client Advisory Group. Founded to create a forum to advise Tradefeedr on product development and alignment with industry wide needs, the Client Advisory Group comprises a mix of liquidity providers, buy-side clients, and industry experts.

Christian joins other Advisory Group members Tim Cartledge (ex NEX), Richard Turner (Insight Investment), Jeremy Smart (XTX), Ian O’Flaherty (ex Deutsche Bank), and Michal Marcek (ex PIMCO).

Christian has worked in FX, Futures and Options for over 20 years, most recently as Global Head of ETD and FX Electronic Execution at UBS in London. He has deep domain experience of the FX market structure and algorithmic trading. He previously worked in sales roles at J.P. Morgan in London and Raiffeisen Zentralbank AG in Austria.

“Tradefeedr brings the sell-side, buy-side, regional banks, hedge funds, brokers and central banks together on a common and truly independent data layer enabling all market participants to connect, share and analyse their trading data without friction. I look forward to helping them further develop and refine their product offering,” said Christian Gressel.

“Over the past year we have added numerous FX clients and LPs to our network, improving transparency for all parties,” said Balraj Bassi, Co-Founder of Tradefeedr. “Under the direction of the Advisory Group, our goal is to interconnect all Liquidity Providers, trading platforms and ECNs directly with their clients through an independent unified data API, which negates the need for TCA providers, who tend to be owned or operated by the market participants whose liquidity is being assessed.”

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