January 31, 2020

Cloud9 and GreenKey Partner to Capture Voice Trading Data

Cloud9 Technologies and GreenKey Technologies, have teamed up to provide a service which enables institutional traders "voice-populate" their desktop applications such as trade tickets, exchange clearing portals and CRM systems.

The service can also be used to structure audio files into an organised list of quotes and trades.

The partnership leverages Cloud9's C9 Trader voice collaboration platform and GreenKey's speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) engine within IPC's Connexu Cloud financial ecosystem.

"Voice trading remains an important part of the capital markets landscape. The ability to repurpose unstructured data will be crucial as the regulatory landscape evolves," said Jerry Starr, CEO of Cloud9. "With Cloud9 and GreenKey's data digitization and analytics capabilities, this collaboration ensures that the institutional marketplace is receiving the best of breed tools for voice trading."

"Institutional OTC traders want the same level of analytic capabilities their colleagues in the electronic markets have enjoyed for two decades," said Anthony Tassone, Founder and CEO of GreenKey. "We're excited to be working with Cloud9 to structure OTC voice data for their community."

Through the collaboration, Cloud9 and GreenKey will be able to identify all products, pricing and counterparties within the Cloud9 audio recording, which can then be provided to customers.

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