July 24, 2019

CloudMargin and AcadiaSoft Integrate Their Platforms

Integration between CloudMargin and AcadiaSoft will bring benefits for firms in-scope of UMR

AcadiaSoft Announces Technology Partnership with CloudMargin
The firms collaborate to provide a seamless industry solution for uncleared margin rules

AcadiaSoft today announced a new technology partnership with CloudMargin that will provide its clients with a seamless front-to-back process for collateral and margin management. The service offers access to AcadiaSoft’s and CloudMargin’s best-in-class solutions via a single sign-on to one platform and provides real-time data and processing information that all parties can view simultaneously, enabling end-to-end workflow connectivity.

AcadiaSoft is the leading industry provider of risk and collateral management services for the non-cleared derivatives community. CloudMargin is the creator of the world’s first and only collateral and margin management solution native to the cloud.

Our collaboration with CloudMargin enhances the industry-wide infrastructure that AcadiaSoft has developed for collateral and margin management,” said Chris Walsh, CEO of AcadiaSoft. “This partnership enables AcadiaSoft to execute on a key strategic goal of expanding our one connection, one solution initiative in time for the uncleared margin rules (UMR) regulatory timetable as well as our ability to meet industry expectations of a central service in a swifter timeframe.

AcadiaSoft will integrate CloudMargin’s cloud-based collateral management service into its core platform to provide a seamless risk and collateral solution, from agreement initiation to margin call reconciliation and collateral processing, right through to settlement.

CloudMargin CEO Stuart Connolly said: “We are extremely excited to work with Chris, the AcadiaSoft team and its vast user community to bring to market a truly transformative collaboration that will drive best practices and raise the bar in terms of a one-stop solution. Our full end-to-end product not only meets regulatory demands but allows clients to achieve new levels of automation and efficiency to meet their complex workflow needs in a truly cost-effective way.

CloudMargin’s technology optimizes the benefits of cloud technology and automation – as a Software-as-a-Service, scalable platform hosted in the public cloud via Amazon Web Services – while maintaining the rigorous security standards required by the industry. The firm provides constant updates and enhancements to the features and functionality on the platform, without any work or additional cost on the part of the end-user.

The partnership further achieves the mission of both companies to collaborate with industry vendors and other infrastructure providers, creating a fully integrated and modular infrastructure that allows clients to perform the tasks required across the margin and collateral workflow swiftly and seamlessly.

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