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Agenda, Speakers and Sponsors Update | Come along and Participate Our partnership with the Nordic Capital Markets Forum is bearing fruit, we have an interesting event coming up on March
March 13, 2015 - Editor
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Agenda, Speakers and Sponsors Update | Come along and Participate

Our partnership with the Nordic Capital Markets Forum is bearing fruit, we have an interesting event coming up on March 24th with a great range of topics and speakers.


We are grateful to the following for supporting the event:

  • Nasdaq, Lead Sponsor, provider of clearing for OTC and Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • SunGard, Hospitality, Provider of the Apex Collateral Management Platform
  • TriOptima, Panellists, providers of a range of portfolio compression and post-trade services


The agenda will cover:

  1. State of the Clearing Market and a discussion on CCP Skin In The Game.
    • An introduction by Frederik Ekstrom, President of Nasdaq Clearing, on the drivers for clearing in the Nordics
    • A presentation by Adam Goransson on the capital requirements for cleared business
    • A discussion including the Swedish FSA on linking CCPs to their default processes aka 'skin in the game'
  2. Has Collateral Management become a Front Office Function? / The bombardment of CM by new regulations and economics
    • Ted Allen from SunGard explains some of the drivers for Collateral Management
    • We jointly discuss areas which need investment 
  3. Bilateral Margin for Un-cleared OTC trades / How Many Ways Does this Impact Your Firm?
    • A panel including Anna Iversen, Silvia De Vulder, Daniel Nordkvist and Henrik Nilsson cover these upcoming requirements and the many impacts they may have on OTC businesses
  4. Choosing a Clearing Broker / Mandatory Clearing, how to prepare for firms not yet clearing
    • Maria Leontiou and Daniel Nordkvist discuss the complex decision criteria to enter into the cleared OTC market
  5. Cross-margining and futurisation, are these the future for the OTC market?
    • What does futurisation mean? Who does it benefit? Are hybrid products the future for the OTC market?
    • Diana Higgins, Bill Hodgson and Nasdaq discuss 
  6. Do New Regulations Change the Business Case for Outsourcing? What are the benefits and risks?
    • The cost and complexity of running an OTC back-office keeps increasing
    • Is the case for outssourcing changed by the pile of new regulations?
    • Maria Leontiou, Ted Allen and Bill Hodgson discuss


Speakers include:

  • Bill Hodgson, Editor of The OTC Space
  • Anna Iversen, Co-Founder, The Alliance of Consulting Experts (AoCE), and NCMF Board Member
  • Nasdaq OMX
    • Fredrik Ekström, President of Nasdaq OMX Clearing
    • Tomas Thyblad, Head of Risk
    • Adam Göransson Legal Counsel,
  • Jan Axelsson, Swedish FSA 
  • Diana Higgins, Owner of Crediten, and author of Portfolio Compression – Techniques to Manage EMIR and Other Regulatory and Trading Risks
  • Magnus Olsson, Swedbank, Project Owner Client Clearing and Third Party Collateral Management
  • Silvia Devulder, Swedbank, L,C & I Legal
  • Daniel Nordkvist, Danske Bank, Head of Sales
  • Maria Leontiou, Eurobank
  • Henrik Nilsson, TriOptima

Three ways you can get involved

  1. Attend: We are still taking seat bookings, the event runs from 10am to 5pm with refreshments, networking breaks and cocktails in the evening
  2. Speak: We would like buy-side or sell-side speakers to join the panels to add their own experience to the discussions. 
  3. Sponsor: We still have sponsorship opportunities available, and would welcome further sponsors to bring their input to the event

If you would like to attend, or speak, or sponsor, please see the detailed information page here: as we would welcome your involvement. 

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