July 13, 2016

Compression Comes to Client Clearing via ClearCompress

Compression for Clients of Clearing Members Becomes Available to Release Capital

ClearCompress is pleased to announce that it is expanding its industry compression service to include clients of clearing members alongside an introductory pricing offer.

Using innovative bi-lateral compression to remove trades across mismatched cash flow dates, ClearCompress reduces gross notional across the cleared portfolio and shrinks the size of the remaining trade population. 

ClearCompress, a subsidiary of New Link Consulting, provides customers with the ability to upload, analyse, compress and execute the results within a half-day cycle, using standardised file formats and industry infrastructure. This is a unique approach in the market, making the product a true “on demand” service. 

David Hill CEO of ClearCompress said “Following the success of our introductory offer for the Clearing Members we now have a good number of the tier 1 banks either signed up or finalising contracts. It now seems appropriate to extend our offering to clients of clearing members since there remains significant pressure on these organisations to compress portfolios but they have more limited industry options readily available to them.”

ClearCompress recognises that clients have limited resources available to deal with compression but are under pressure to achieve reductions in gross notional. Consequently we have created an on-demand service that does not require dedicated operational resourcing or IT infrastructure.

Until 31st December 2016 ClearCompress is providing an introductory offer to clients of clearing members of £2,500 per client for each compression run, giving a highly cost effective, low touch solution that provides benefits to the buy and sell side alike. Firms must complete their legal on-boarding process by Sep 30th 2016 to qualify for this offer.

To align dates we have also amended the terms of the introductory period for Clearing members such that providing legal contracts are fully executed and exchanged by the end of July 2016 the introductory pricing of £5,000 per run will now also be extended by 2 months through until 31st Dec 2016.

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