4sight Financial Software is an independent software solutions provider with eighteen years of experience. 
4sight’s customer base includes a full spectrum of buy and sell side market participants from smaller banks and asset managers to custodians and global broker dealers. Clients in sixteen countries on four continents use 4sight’s software to meet their business needs, including some of the world's largest financial institutions.
4sight has many years of experience of complex global implementations for clients of all sizes. 4sight supports and implements its solutions through its in-house professional services and support teams and offers responsive global support through its worldwide office locations. 
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4sight Securities Finance
The 4sight Securities Finance (4SF) and Collateral Management product suite provides an integrated front-to-back office solution for financial institutions of all sizes.
4SF is a real-time, multi-currency system for all Securities Finance trade types. It helps smaller direct lenders through to global custodians, brokers or intermediaries to manage the Securities Finance process more easily.
4sight's Securities Finance solution supports both agency and principal trading of equities and fixed income securities.
4sight Xpose Collateral Management
The 4sight Xpose collateral management system offers cross-product collateral management and optimization for securities lending, repo and derivatives. Xpose provides:
  • Full front to back office processing
  • Real time, cross product inventory/exposure management and collateral booking 
  • Margin call workflow and dispute resolution
  • Configurable eligibility, concentration and haircut schedules
  • CCP margining
  • Collateral optimization algorithms that help to control collateral costs
  • Settlement
  • RWA, Capital Cost and Balance Sheet analysis
  • Reporting

4sight Swap
4sight's Swaps system is a user-friendly solution for managing the complete equity derivatives lifecycle. It offers Prime Brokers running Synthetic Finance desks a front to back office solution for swap transactions including Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Total Return Swaps (TRS) and Portfolio Swaps.
4sight Swap provides the following benefits:

  • Faster swaps processing
  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduction in manual error
  • Enhanced swaps reporting
  • Improved views of swaps positions




Future Trends in Optimisation Whitepaper
Whitepaper looking at how financial firms can optimize trading decisions based on regulatory capital, collateral and CCP selection and how these factors are interrelated.
Collateral Optimisation Whitepaper - Beyond Cheapest to Deliver
This paper gives:
  • An overview of the latest techniques used to optimise collateral
  • Some of the limitations of collateral optimization
  • A list of questions financial firms should ask when implementing a collateral optimization project.
Whitepaper: Collateral Optimisation Techniques for a Centrally Cleared World
Whitepaper discussing what collateral optimisation actually is, what is driving it, and techniques that can be used to optimise collateral. 
Collateral Managament Whitepaper - "Is Collateral Optimisation a Big Data Problem?"
This paper looks at whether big data scenario analysis can be applied to collateral optimisation. It also evaluates the techniques that firms can employ to perform portfolio wide optimisation runs.