Calypso is a leading provider of front-to-back technology solutions for the financial markets. With 17 years of experience delivering software and services for trading, risk management, processing and accounting, we are able to focus our resources on customer challenges and help bring simplicity to the most complex business and technology issues.  

Calypso provides clients with a single platform that enables system consolidation, business innovation and growth.  Clients can benefit from better improved pricing and risk management, better allocation of capital, quicker adaptation to changing regulatory landscapes, modern reliable technology, scalability, faster time to market, reduced enterprise risk, lower processing and technology costs, lower TCO and improved performance.

Calypso solutions are focused on capital markets, investment management, clearing, collateral, treasury and liquidity management. All solutions run on Calypso’s 100% Java based real-time platform, a low-latency multi-tiered open service-oriented architecture designed from inception to perform cross-asset front-to-back straight-through processing. 

Founded in 1997 in San Francisco, California, Calypso has steadily grown to over 700 staff in 20 offices globally. Calypso solutions are used today by over 34,000 market professionals in over 60 countries. Representing more than 180 financial institutions, our clients span a diverse range of developed and emerging markets across Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Capital Markets

Calypso Capital Markets provides a comprehensive cross-asset front-to-back solution for trading, risk management, processing and accounting – all on a single platform. Calypso’s real-time multi-tiered open architecture delivers low-latency high-performance straight-through processing across all assets classes for both cleared and bilateral trades.

Calypso’s Front Office XVA solution delivers unprecedented unification of pricing, risk and collateral for cleared and bilateral trades on a single trading framework. Front Office XVA calculates the all-in price including credit, debt, margin, funding and liquidity value adjustments (CVA, DVA, MVA, FVA, LVA – collectively, XVA). The all-in price reflects fair value mark-to-market of each trade versus the existing portfolio, enabling accurate deal pricing, P&L, risk allocation, book running and funds transfer pricing per trade. Consistent enterprise-wide pricing in turn supports optimal risk-taking and hedging, improves P&L accuracy and enables e¬fficient allocation and usage of capital across business units.

With finite pools of liquid assets increasingly driving hedging and capital usage decisions by banks, Calypso Front Office XVA ensures trading and pricing accurately reflect all risks – market, credit and liquidity. Capital intensive positions can be identified, restructured, unwound or sold. Collateral and netting - integral to all-in pricing - are optimized.
Benefits include a single cross-asset front-to-back platform for trading and risk, full XVA pricing (including CVA, DVA , FVA, LVA, MVA), all-in pricing for cleared and bilateral derivatives, elimination of fragile data feeds and complex synchronization tasks, pre-trade risk analytics and near real-time performance.

Investment Management

Calypso Investment Management provides investment managers with a modern and comprehensive front-to-back multi-asset portfolio management solution. It o¬ffers full connectivity to existing and new electronic marketplaces including SEFs, clearing brokers and trade repositories. All investment managers, whether running passive or active strategies, can realize opportunities to enhance portfolio yields through Calypso’s collateral management and securities finance solutions.

Calypso Investment Management unifies portfolio management, risk and collateral into one integrated solution. Capabilities include multi-asset position keeping, valuation, risk and P&L, seamless collateral management, integrated securities finance, real-time interactive risk views, configurable dashboards, advanced risk analytics, pre-and-post-trade compliance and multi time zone capability.

Benefits include deep multi-asset coverage, automated Dodd-Frank/EMIR compliant workflows, yield-enhancing collateral capability, integrated collateral and securities finance, a modern architecture and reduced TCO.

Treasury & Liquidity

Calypso delivers a smarter integrated approach to treasury. By centralizing cash, inventory, funding, investment and balance sheet activities on a single platform, treasurers can achieve unprecedented visibility, automation and control in a unified treasury environment. Calypso delivers superior operational strength with fully integrated execution capability including FX, money market, trading, hedging, repo/sec lending, fixed income investment and balance sheet hedges using interest rate swaps. Siloes are eliminated, efficiency is improved and performance is enhanced. 

Calypso Treasury aggregates and centralizes all treasury data into one treasury database. Banking book and capital markets activities are mapped into a common analytical framework. Regardless of business size, diversity or complexity, Calypso Treasury enables institutions to model the entire organization and gain both consolidated and granular views across all treasury activities globally.

Benefits include having all treasury activities on a single real-time platform, Basel III liquidity reporting, automated Dodd-Frank/EMIR compliance, optimized cash and investments, more effective balance sheet hedging, reduced reconciliations and optimized funding.


Calypso is the global standard in OTC clearing for CCPs, exchanges, clearing members and end-users. 86% of CCPs who are live and clearing interest rate swaps use Calypso, including CME, Eurex, SGX, TSE, HKEx and ASX. Calypso OTC Clearing enables institutions to comply with Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulation and create a robust OTC clearing capability.  

Calypso provides a comprehensive clearing solution for all cleared OTC products on all CCPs. It is used by clearing members and end-users alike. Calypso’s CCP-independent Connectivity Framework can cover CME, LCH, ICE, COMDER, HKEx, Eurex, JSCC, ASX and SGX. Calypso provides clearing members with full service end-to-end OTC clearing, processing, collateral and risk management for client business. This enables superior client service, reinforcing the ability to win new customers and grow market share.

Benefits include global CCP coverage, cross-margining, listed and OTC shared services, integrated collateral for clearing operations, risk management and client onboarding.

Collateral & Funding

Calypso Collateral & Funding enables institutions to unlock collateral and unleash liquidity. Improved visibility into positions combined with the ability to net exposures across business lines enables institutions to eliminate fragmented collateral pools, increase ROI on inventory and lower funding costs. Calypso has a single central inventory pool for all margining, funding, liquidity and yield enhancement activities. By maximizing visibility into available collateral, maximum benefit is extracted from the total inventory pool.

Calypso provides a standalone collateral management solution covering both bilateral and cleared products. Buy-side, sell-side and service providers can minimize their use 
of cash, reduce margining costs, lower funding costs and enhance investment yields. Full automation of collateral workflows combined with algorithm-based collateral allocation delivers an efficient high-performance collateral management regime. Additional operational strength flows from fully integrated securities finance providing seamless continuity between repo/sec. lending and collateral and inventory activities. Siloes are eliminated, efficiency is improved, performance is enhanced. Calypso Collateral & Funding is suitable for banks, investment managers, central banks, CCPs and hedge funds.

Benefits include a seamless front-to-back process, inventory visibility, advanced collateral analytics, centralized margin, optimal collateral allocation, minimized deployment of cash, better liquidity management, lower cost of funding and enhanced fund yields.