Crediten specialises in helping teams to be more effective and efficient within their existing resources and systems. We support energy trading firms’ requirements to comply with new regulations and credit policies. Our consultancy builds and implements procedures and reporting to ensure credit teams comply while effectively supporting demanding trading floors. We provide analyst and management support to cover for temporary leave or to complete specific projects.
Crediten also delivers in-house training on counterparty and liquidity risk for beginners, intermediate and advanced professionals. Our trainees have included board members, senior strategists, managers, analysts, traders, lawyers, back office, marketing and systems professionals among others. Our clients are European energy firms, exchanges and clearers active in electricity, gas, oil, LNG, coal and commodities trading.
We deliver the following in-house and online training seminars to energy players:
  1. Credit Risk for Beginners 1: General credit risk basics and credit exposures in standard transactions. Participants become familiar with the terminology, are able to ask relevant questions and acquire a good start in credit risk.
  2. Credit Risk for Beginners 2: Counterparty analysis and trading recommendation. Participants understand how to apply all aspects of credit risk management to recommend a rating and trading terms for discussion and revision with a senior credit professional.
  3. Credit Risk Exposures: Attendants learn how to calculate exposures in standard transactions, will identify the key drivers to measure risk in structured and long-term transactions and will understand the concepts and applications of CVA, PFE and CVaR.
  4. Portfolio Compression: A comprehensive guide to understand the concepts, analysis and project management, to enable compliance with EMIR, reduction of credit and operational risk.

Diana Higgins


Following a successful career in commodities credit risk management, Diana set up Crediten to help risk teams to transform and develop their operations while achieving commercial expectations.

She has managed portfolios ranging from 10 to 3000 counterparties, in organisation ranging from businesses under steep growth stages to those preserving conservative risk management practices, or heavily constrained by market size and quality of participants.

Gap analysis: Our clients are relatively new energy players who do not have a full-time credit department. The project aims at comparing the current practices in the credit area with best practices benchmarks. The purpose is to identify improvement opportunities achievable in the short, medium and long-term in relation to the credit risk policy, established procedures, practices and resources.

Credit Policy: Our clients are new energy trading firms in need to open new trading lines because they are expanding, merging or acquiring new businesses. Our clients implement our policies to speed up the approval process, reduce the pressure in the organisation and enable accurate and timely reporting and systems performance. We write, review, update and mentor the elaboration of credit policies and detailed procedures.

Portfolio Compression: We build the procedures to analyse portfolios for compression purposes and co-ordinate the execution of bilateral and multilateral compressions. 

Temporary specialised personnel:

Our analysts deliver specific assignments such as programming new reporting, collecting and populating risk management data for systems implementation, or cover for analysts that are on leave. Our analysts are already trained on credit risk in energy trading.