DTCC & Omgeo

DTCC & Omgeo

DTCC’s collateral management platform, Omgeo ProtoColl offers an end-to-end collateral management solution that allows firms to effectively monitor and manage their collateral operations and reduce counterparty risk. It provides a holistic view into a firm’s exposure while enabling automated straight-through-processing to manage margin and collateral calls across the entire trading operation.

ProtoColl’s interface is continually enhanced to facilitate STP for the collateral management lifecycle, from exposure management, asset optimization, notification and same-day settlement confirmation with a combination of industry partnerships such as AcadiaSoft MarginSphere and TriOptima triResolve. To expand our goal of reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency, ProtoColl recently introduced additional automation by building a new interface to DTCC’s Global Trade Repository (GTR), the world’s largest global repository which supports global regulatory reporting requirements like EMIR and Dodd-Frank.

ProtoColl’s rules-based approach to collateral management enables risk mitigation by allowing firms to build custom algorithms to:

  • Optimize assets for delivery
  • Automatically evaluate delivered collateral for eligibility
  • Route transactions for validation and settlement
  • Highlight high-risk transactions for approval


With Omgeo ProtoColl, firms can fundamentally change the way they manage their collateral and its associated risks, without the need to create costly, manually intensive operating models.  Its rules-based approach is simple – yet powerful – providing clients with a cost-effective, automated approach to risk management.


New regulations make effective collateral management for all participants in the derivatives markets vital. Omgeo ProtoColl is the most complete and user friendly collateral management solution available today. It automates the margin call process via an efficient workflow allowing you to manage by exception.

As the derivatives market diversifies and matures with greater regulatory scrutiny on counterparty credit risk and a push towards use of Central Counterparty (CCP) clearing of standard OTC derivatives and margining on all non-cleared derivatives, industry participants need to ensure they have a solution that mitigates risk, processes collateral information consistently and is in accordance with new regulations and industry best practices.

Centralized platform for margining

ProtoColl covers all your margining requirements for bilateral and centrally cleared instruments via a single platform for bilateral OTC derivatives, cleared OTC derivatives, FX forwards, futures, listed options, repos, reverse repos and securities lending transactions. You can monitor the terms of all your agreements and credit support annexes automatically.

Manage exposure

ProtoColl automates the collateral management process allowing for daily counterparty exposure monitoring and daily collateral movements for all types of collateralized instruments. This automation allows our users to manage exposure and collateral with their counterparties on a daily basis thus minimizing the counterparty credit risk associated with any number of collateralized instruments.

Track and optimize collateral

ProtoColl automatically handles all your communications with counterparties, custodians, and brokers. You can manage negotiations with counterparties over issued margin demands and process the mitigating collateral orders. It also helps you to track and optimize your collateral book.

DTCC & Omgeo are focused on providing solutions to mitigate post trade operational risk. Our suite of offerings enables firms to meet the increasing challenges of derivatives processing and collateral management as a result of automating the entire collateral workflow. For more information go to www.dtcc.com/collateral 

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