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About FIS’s Apex Collateral

FIS’s Apex Collateral solution helps collateral traders, heads of trading desks, risk professionals, operations staff and senior management manage and optimize their collateral on an enterprise-wide basis. Apex Collateral offers a single platform for trading directly from a real-time, consolidated global inventory as well as supporting operational requirements for underlying securities lending, repo and derivative transactions. It uses numerical algorithms to automatically allocate collateral in the optimal way, helping firms minimize costs and maximize return on assets. For more information, please visit

Apex Collateral was specifically built to centralise the trade, management, and optimisation of collateral assets on a single platform thus overcoming silos, reducing the cost of funding collat-eral and improving revenues through proactive collateral trading. Robust and flexible operations tools respond to the regulatory imperatives that have transformed collateral management.

A modular structure allows customers to pick and choose the elements of the platform that best fit their requirements. Six key innovations set Apex Collateral apart:

  • Lean Operations provides a highly efficient process platform to help cope with the increased collateralisation volume, complexity and regulatory requirements operations teams must handle.
  • Enterprise Inventory provides a single, consolidated, real-time view of the avaliable collateral inventory and liquidity requirements across the enterprise
  • Collateral Optimisation is the key driver for change in the collateral management in¬frastructure within many institutions. Apex Collateral is unique in using numerical opti¬mization techniques to solve the twin problems of optimization: complexity and scale.
  • Initial Margin Optimisation helps calculating, validating and minimising VaR based initial margin requirements an institution will have to post for centrally cleared and bilateral trading.
  • Collateral Analytics holistically models the risk in the collateralisation programme to changes in underlying market conditions, prices, credit ratings and beyond.
  • Collateral Transfer Pricing facilitates the calculation and allocation of the funding cost of collateral of the underlying trading activity.

FIS provides the only solution to manage, trade and optimise assets on a single platform