FMR Advisory Ltd

FMR Advisory Ltd

FMR Advisory has been established to help address the Regulatory obligations impacting so many institutions that participate in the financial markets. Whether wrestling with the impact that MiFID II will have on your business or working out the best approach to ensuring best practice behaviour in areas such as fixings and sales relationships - and demonstrating that to the regulator - a trusted third party is often vital in ensuring a non-internal, non-political view.

Robin has spent many years building up expertise in the financial markets, both trading and managing business within FX&MM asset classes. Robin joined Reuters in 2004 and following seven years managing parts of the business, became Head of Regulation for Marketplaces, Thomson Reuters. Over four years Robin maintained a deep engagement with regulators around the world, with a focus on the G20 commitments to new regulation of financial markets. 

Over many client engagements Robin gained a real appreciation for just how deeply the new regulatory initiatives were affecting ordinary business areas and felt more could be done to support the strategic decisions and planning that financial institutions are faced with. FMR Advisory has been set up specifically to help those institutions wrestling with the regulatory impact of new and impending regulations, whether EMIR, MiFIR, Dodd-Frank or Conduct Risk.

He formerly sat on the ECB FX Contact Group, and until recently sat on the ESMA Consultative Working Group that is looking at Regulatory Technical Standards relating to MiFID II implementation.

From one day working through your strategic approach with the senior management team, to working through the implementation plan over a period of weeks, FMR Advisory has been set up to help ensure that financial institutions have the best possible preparation and implementation to address two key areas:

  • MiFID II - preparation for potential impact on the business and wider business infrastructure
  • Conduct Risk - ensuring that the business has the correct programme in place for education, testing and demonstrating best practice around sales/trading behaviour