OpenGamma helps financial services firms evaluate, understand, and manage market risk in an open, transparent manner.

The company’s flagship technology, the OpenGamma Platform, provides real-time, cross-asset risk and trading analytics across customized risk scenarios and industry-standard metrics. OpenGamma also develops tools for optimizing performance in the evolving OTC markets, including multi-CCP margin calculations for OTC derivatives.

Used by both buy-side and sell-side firms, exchanges, CCPs, and other segments of the OTC market, OpenGamma brings a new standard of transparency to the industry, enabling users to gain more insight into their underlying risk exposures, better assess the true costs of trading, and respond more rapidly to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Backed by Accel Partners, FirstMark Capital, ICAP plc and Euclid Opportunities, OpenGamma is headquartered in London with an office in New York. 

The OpenGamma Platform for Margining

The OpenGamma Platform for Margining enables multi-CCP calculations for cleared OTC derivatives. With support for all major clearing houses and cleared OTC derivatives products, it is a purpose-built, non-intrusive solution allowing fast IM and VM calculations through a real-time risk engine and an in-memory data platform. The Platform allows FCMs to easily manage house and client accounts across multiple clearing houses, and provides a powerful pre-trade environment to support cheapest-to-clear decisions and 'what if' analyses in real time.

The OpenGamma Platform for Market Risk

The OpenGamma Platform for Market Risk provides real-time, cross-asset risk and trading analytics across customized risk scenarios and industry-standard metrics, including those arising from changes in the OTC market structure. It combines a real-time calculation engine with stress testing and scenario analysis, Excel integration, and extensive support for the market data management necessary for modern quantitative finance. A rich suite of end-user tools for pre- and post-trade analytics allows users to drill down and understand their risk in detail using a comprehensive set of analytic measures and numerical techniques. The OpenGamma Platform has been designed to integrate with custom applications and existing IT infrastructures, and is built from the ground up with high performance in mind.

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OpenGamma consultants can help you with:


  • Hardware selection
  • Configuration


  • Custom data feeds
  • Prime Broker and Fund Administrator trade and position feeds
  • Proprietary models
  • Positions and trades from existing systems
  • Extractions to feed downstream systems


  • Creating new instruments
  • Creating and validating new models
  • Curve and volatility surface configuration


  • Creating custom analytic views
  • Creating custom XLS sheets
  • Creating custom R/MATLAB scripts
  • Implementing custom simulations and risk reports


  • Knowledge transfer to your in-house IT staff
  • Development environment configuration and customization


  • Agile (Adaptive) or Waterfall (Predictive) or a mixture
  • Mutually agreed governance with client
  • Transparent to all stakeholders
  • Focused on outcomes and realised benefits



Our experienced team of technical analysts helps commercial clients with proof-of-concept, development and production use of the OpenGamma Platform.

Each support agreement is customized to the client’s needs and typically consists of:

  • Live technical support via telephone or email
  • Full service level agreements
  • Proactive installation monitoring and log file checking
  • Pre-testing of software releases and upgrades in a separate virtualised environment
  • Proactive advice (we can even include your code in our nightly QA process to make sure we don’t break your code!)

Each support contract will clearly define roles and responsibilities of both companies (and any third party involved), tailored to your business needs, geography, available resources, and infrastructure.

All users of the Platform have access to online documentation,source codeforumsGitHub, and Jira.