OTC Partners

OTC Partners

We are a boutique market intelligence advisory firm that specializes in research and content development. We focus on value adds for partners, such as commercial development, segment analysis, business development, and research for the OTC derivative market.

If you are worried about Market Structure, Thought Leadership, Valuations, Fintech Commercialization, White Papers or Executive Programs then we are the place to start - we are in the nexus of risk takers and market makers that specialize in the OTC derivative market. OTC Partners thinks about these issues everyday and we can help stimulate and focus your needs with our partners.

Our mission is to move the capital markets forward, through regulatory changes, into a bright future.

Located in New York, with a presence in Europe and Asia.

What is market intelligence?

In its broadest sense, Market Intelligence is the capturing of information relevant to a company’s markets. In a more practical context, it is the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of information that is relevant to the market segments in which your company participates or wishes to participate. Market Intelligence is not just data. It’s the combination of data and analysis that generates information which is critical to making decisions.

World-class market intelligence requires four key ingredients:

  1. Data sources and field resources

  2. Analytical skills and processes to pull the data together

  3. Technology foundation and platforms to deliver, store, process, and

    distribute the information

  4. The support of and access to top management

As OTC Market subject matter experts, we can offer a personal service that is only possible with a boutique firm.

We offer: