Regulation Asia

Regulation Asia

Regulation Asia launched in November 2013 and since then has been visited and subscribed to by many leading financial firms across Asia-Pacific as well as throughout the rest of the world. 

Traditionally regulation has been the talk of the back-office of financial institutions but since the recent financial crisis, more and more executives are keeping a watchful eye on the changes being made across the globe.

Asia is playing catch up in some sense, and with multiple jurisdictions with their own mandates to preserve order in the financial markets, understanding the various market nuances is cumbersome for many.

Regulation Asia seeks to inform and analyze how financial regulations are affecting the financial service industry in Asia. Through our features and interviews, as well as events, conferences and seminars, we hope to play a key role in the regulatory agenda.

Changing global regulations are affecting anyone involved in the financial field and Regulation Asia seeks to be a leader for informing and educating readers with timely news, incisive commentary and exclusive interviews.

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