October 22, 2015

Customise Your Home Page: Quickly Add and Remove Auto Feeds

Customising your home page – add and remove automatic feeds

Some of the stories you see on the home page arrive there automatically. We setup various news sources via the Profiles and Directory, which we scan continuosly for fresh items. We are now making it even easier for you to add stories to your home page to suit your own interests.  

Adding a feed

A story from an automatic source which you don't yet subscribe to will show the green Plus symbol:

  • Click the Plus (which will change to Minus) and stories from that source will appear on your home page automatically.

Removing a feed

Stories from a source which you already subscribe to will appear with a Minus.

  • Click the Minus (which will change to a Plus) to remove this feed from your home page

Choosing Feeds from the Directory and Profiles


This feature is also available through the Directory and Profile sections of the website; select a company or author, and you can choose to Follow or Unfollow them using the buttons on the right hand side. We would encourage users to continue to browse these sections and discover new content by following interesting companies/authors, especially as these continue to be updated.

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