June 9, 2014

Duco Selects JDX as Resourcing Partner for Reconciliation Service

Duco, the new hosted reconciliation and analytics service provider, announced on the 10th of June 2014, the selection of JDX Consulting (JDX), the financial services consulting group, as their resourcing partner for their Duco reconciliations service.

Jonathan Davies, CEO of JDX comments, ‘We specialise in providing skilled staff to the finance community for remediation projects. We are increasingly working with our clients on time critical and high risk areas, such as Transaction Reporting (TR) and Delegated Reporting (DR), resulting from the ongoing EMIR and Dodd Frank regulatory demands. Given the large volume of data being moved on a daily basis between industry participants to support these reporting regulations, the need to combine fast, agile and flexible reconciliation technology with skilled remediation resources is critical. This has led us to work with clients such as Duco and their Duco Cube platform.” 

‘In many instances, buy and sell side users, and the TR’s themselves, are struggling to find the right resources in terms of knowledge and technology as a combined service for fast data transformation, remediation and reporting issues. With the daily increase and build-up of data, spreadsheets are becoming areas of high risk and old legacy systems are just too slow and inflexible to both ‘put out fires’ and then build a reliable, auditable platform for the future.  Banks and buy-side users still have to run their businesses with this increasing overhead of regulation and together, Duco and JDX offer a fast to market, knowledge, skills and technology option.’ adds Christian Nentwich, CEO of Duco.

JDX has over 200 trained consultants and a growing reputation for TR and DR success in a wide range of financial institutions and the Duco Cube hosted service is available within hours with valuable reconciliation results available in days not months. It is this combination of fast, skilled, pragmatic remediation services that the industry needs in this increasingly complex and complicated area of regulatory demands.

About JDX Consulting

JDX is an independent consulting company specializing in operations remediation. We provide affordable, flexible consulting solutions to financial services clients in the areas of operations change management and remediation. JDX has over 200 employees with operations in London and New York. All our management team have operational expertise gained from working at investment banks over the past 20 years.

It is the combination of experience management with industry relevant skills which makes JDX unique in the industry at supporting our clients in operational remediation. More information at

About Duco

Duco is a technology company dedicated to the financial services sector. Duco Cube is an intelligent hosted matching and reconciliation service that is agile and quick to deploy. Duco Cube provides the infrastructure to interrogate any data type, across asset classes, with a game changing pricing structure. More information at

For more information please contact either Melissa Hidalgo at or Patrick Thornton-Smith at 

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