Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience

A new book on how embedded finance will revolutionise the future of fintech, will be officially launched
May 24, 2022 - Editor

Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience: New book delves into revolutionary new trend

A new book on how embedded finance will revolutionise the future of fintech, will be officially launched at Money20/20 Europe (7 – 9 June 2022). Since its release, the book has been consistently trending as the #1 new release in banking on Amazon.

Written by entrepreneurs and fintech trailblazers, Scarlett Sieber and Sophie Guibaud, Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience delivers a thought-provoking discussion on the most impactful trend of fintech yet. The book details a transformation in financial services, banking, and technology that has already begun.

With interviews of fintech’s leading players from Stripe to Shopify, the book explains how embedded finance is leveraged to supercharge customer experience. It provides readers with lessons from early adopters, the role banks play, and how embedded finance will impact the future – for consumers and society as a whole.

Highlights include:

  • Practical examples from around the world of how embedded finance is being used by technology companies and brands to redefine online and offline retail experiences.
  • Key trends, players, and technologies that are paving the way for embedded finance to take a prominent role in everyday life.
  • The role, opportunities, and strategies for banks, technology companies and brands, providing the necessary tools to define an embedded finance strategy.
  • The impact of embedded finance on society, consumers, companies, and the economy, highlighting the dominant force that is embedded finance for the future.
  • An insight into what the future will look like from the user perspective building off on the key macro trends across the globe.

Onsite at Money20/20 Europe, embedded finance will be highlighted across the stages with dedicated sessions on the headline stage, The Big Picture Stage at 14:20 on 7 June, and an exclusive AMA with the authors on the subject in The Exchange at 15:05 on 8 June, followed by the official release party with speciality cocktails and other fun surprises taking place from 16:00-17:00 in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Club.

Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Money20/20, said: “While embedded finance has gained traction within the digital-first world, we are just at the beginning of this monumental movement in fintech. Embedded finance enables brands and retailers to provide powerful online and offline experiences based on ubiquitous payments and finance at the point of use. This new trend will have a strong societal impact, specifically on the process in which the banked and underbanked access banking in a fairer and more transparent way, but also on banks’ future business models.”

Sophie Guibaud, Co-founder and Chief Commercial and Growth Officer of Fiat Republic, commented: “Embedded finance equips technology companies, brands and retailers with the ability to provide a banking and payments experience to their end-customers in a seamless, convenient, and authentic way. It provides accounts and loans when they need it most, and is naturally integrated into the experience. Given what is at stake, embedded finance should be a priority on the strategic agenda of all tech companies, brands, retailers, and banks.”

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