February 17, 2014

Eurex Clearing prolongs deadline for fee waiver application | Get it While it Lasts

Not surprisingly, Eurex Clearing has extended the date for the fee waiver application to 30 May .

With market participants in full swing (and some of them totally under water) with trade reporting the looming deadline for the fee waiver completion (14 March 2014) had people scratching their heads how to make that happen.

Eurex Clearing has now responded to those concerns by extending the deadline for the admission process to 30 May 2014. In their official release Eurex outlines the key steps for copmliance with the fee waiver requirements:

What you need to do by 30 May to complete the onboarding process:

Step 1 – Agree with your Clearing Member which of the below segregation models best suits your business needs:

  • Individual Clearing Model (ICM)
  • Elementary Clearing Model (ECM)
  • UK CASS compliant Omnibus Model

Step 2 – Complete the appropriate clearing documentation determined by your choice of segregation model as indicated in the table below.

Step 3 – Connect to the Common Report Engine (CRE). Our CRE Guide walks your IT staff through the steps for connection to the CRE.



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