November 14, 2016

Fast Track Re-Papering – Webinar Registration

With the March compliance date for the margining of uncleared OTC portfolios, firms are focussed on the legal, operational and technical challenges.  One area fertile for improvements is the drafting and execution of margin agreements. Find out how to achieve re-papering with maximum speed and efficiency by joining this (free) webinar.

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  • What: Fast Track Re-Papering, Stretch Your Legal Budget to The Max – a free webinar & whitepaper
  • When: 15:00 UK Time. Tuesday 6th December 2016
  • How: We will be using the GotoWebinar software to broadcast the event.
  • Beforehand: To test that your computer is compatible, please visit this test page well in advance of the event, and install any necessary components. Using the GotoWebinar software we will be running live polls during the event and showing the results. You will also be able to send in questions to be answered live using the desktop software.

Fast Track Re-Papering

Stretch Your Legal Budget to The Max

15:00 UK Time. Tuesday 6th December 2016. A free one hour webinar & whitepaper

With the March compliance date for the margining of uncleared OTC portfolios, firms are focussed on the legal, operational and technical challenges.  One area fertile for improvements is the drafting and execution of margin agreements. Technology has moved on and gives firms a new choice on how a legal team gets from template to execution far more quickly. Imagine creating template agreements and having them deployed and used with full electronic support to guide staff in their use. Imagine being able to track progress on agreements across a team no matter the location, with a few clicks. Imagine being able to execute an agreement without walking paper around an office (or emailing PDFs) – with full support for authorised signatories.

Join us and learn how the twenty first century approach to the law can bring a transformation of the efficiency of your teams, and hear from practitioners and their real world experiences of this technology.


Our agenda includes:

  • Creating, implementing and complying with template agreements and policies – automated compliance for staff
  • Communicating between parties – avoid the dangers of email and ensure the right person is on the receiving end
  • Team work taken to another level – keep track of drafting and balance workloads
  • The reassurance of built-in safety and security for the storage of agreements and control of execution
  • Find out the reality of rolling out this transformative platform (SmartDX)


Attendees will also be provided with a whitepaper which compares and contrasts the current ways of delivering legal tasks, within the environment on the SmartDX platform. The white paper includes consideration of:

  • Controls – how to implement policies and track adherence
  • Communication – how to closely work with your team and counterparties during a negotiation
  • Supervision – how to manage a negotiation team, balance work loads and spot hold-ups
  • Scalability – how to expand a team to cope with increased demands, without losing control
  • Security – how to store, track, manage and execute agreements safely
  • Cost – a realistic comparison of the differences taking into account a transition
  • On-boarding – how the wider industry (not just SmartDX are integrating the buy-side into the platform)


Currently include:

Robin Moody

Robin Moody has worldwide responsibility for the SmartDX capital markets practice. Robin joined in 2011 to be part of the team designing and building the commercial proposition behind SmartDX. Since then has taken full responsibility for all revenue and the growth of the division.  Robin has more than 15 successful years selling software to the Capital Markets industry. Prior to joining, Robin was the Sales Manager for the MEA region at IntraLinks and before that worked as Director of International Accounts at Thomson Financial.

Brett Aubin

Co-founder of GD Financial Markets LLP, and an experienced leader of consulting businesses with significant time spent in the industry working for investment banks and market utilities, and specialises in identifying, structuring and executing complex managed service opportunities, utilising multi-disciplinary vendors and innovative pricing models.

Bill Hodgson

Bill's career has included a wide variety of businesses including cash registers, children’s games, RADAR, oil drilling and for the past 20 years the capital markets, especially OTC derivatives. In the capital markets he initially worked on developing software to process OTC derivatives at Merrill Lynch, in the days when paper trade tickets were still the norm. Subsequently he has worked with major banks to improve their OTC processing capabilities, including with Barclays Capital as Head of OTC (ISDA) Projects, LCH.Clearnet as Head of Product Development for the SwapClear service and at DTCC to design, build and deploy the Trade Information Warehouse for Credit Default Swaps. He originally qualified at Greenwich University in Computing, and is a contributor to three books on OTC products and capital markets and is the owner of The OTC Space Ltd.

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