All your news from one place – get Following now Some of you may have noticed a change to the site recently – and this is an explanation of one
October 20, 2014 - Editor
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All your news from one place – get Following now

Some of you may have noticed a change to the site recently – and this is an explanation of one major change, the ability to Follow articles from other websites. To build your own personalised home page, start off in the Directory and look for the red circle showing new articles.

For example, I have one new un-read story from the FT

Once in the Directory, click into the news source, whether a regulator, news sources or otherwise:

Click "Follow" to add the FT to your home page

You can see a list of articles in the "Imported Articles" tab, bold items you haven't read yet. And around the site you'll see the new Printer icon, to make it easy to make a PDF of any page.

And finally, on your home page, each new item from the FT will appear like magic.

A new story from the FT – click the Envelope[x] icon to delete a story

Click into an article to get to the original story thus:

Click the Source URL to visit the underlying story, and use "Mark as unread" if you want to come back to this later

Each imported article takes whatever is provided in the source RSS feed, such as a photo, an opening sentance, and the URL of the story, and we place that into the article. For sites which require subscription, you still need to subscribe as all this does is alert you to stories from sites that interest you. 

Automated Feeds available in the Directory so far include:

  • ESMA
  • The FSB
  • The UK FCA (but their feed seems empty right now)
  • The BIS is Basle
  • The European Banking Authority
  • The FT
  • Banking Technology
  • Risk Magazine
  • DerivSource
  • The FinOps Report
  • The Trade
  • The Economist
  • BBC Formula 1

And finally, the home page has some new buttons to help manage your home page:

Check out the buttons below
  • Filters: fold down the filter bar and drill down to specific topics, authors or companies
  • Featured: Tick this to quickly exclude anything not 'featured' as a special article
  • All / Read / Un-read menu: Try picking "Un-read" to only see articles you haven't already clicked into
  • Mark [x]: Like emptying your Inbox, this marks any un-read story as "read"
  • Account: If you need to find your profile, saved articles, saved PDFs etc, go here
  • Saved: Click the Star on any brick to save an article for later reading
  • Hidden: A left over from previous releases, not in use now
  • Contribute: We want to hear your stories, this will be explained in a later article
  • Help: Displays an explanation of the site.

Take Action

  • Build your own home page by Following Companies in the Directory and People in Profiles (Craig Pirrong / SWP in the Profiles section for instance)
  • Visit your home page when you need to see new stories
  • Update your email preferences to get emails alerting you to new stories (click Account from the home page)
  • Make contact and let us know which news sources and feeds you'd like to see available

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