Frank Caccio

Frank Caccio
OPS Check

Frank has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and specifically in hedge funds for the last 20 years. Drawing from his deep experience and extensive network of alternative investment professionals, Frank offers a true “hedge fund practitioner’s” perspective. He excels at determining the operational integrity and management of a fund, and the path to operational excellence. Over time, he developed the idea for OpsCheck. It addresses the need of senior management to maintain effective oversight in an increasingly challenging hedge fund environment. In addition to enhanced oversight, OpsCheck builds a culture of continuous improvement throughout any organization.

Frank has had the privilege of building a culture of operational excellence in several prestigious hedge funds. Such firms include:

  • Tiger Management, where Frank served as the Director of Operations, and 
  • Highbridge Capital, where he was the Head of Global Operations.

His experience overseeing operations for a firm growing its assets threefold to $30 billion gave him a unique perspective into the dynamics necessary for large funds to manage growth. In addition to managing firms with assets measured in the billions, Frank, as COO, has also been instrumental in helping several smaller firms launch operations and transition from managing new funds to thriving as seasoned, high capital asset managers.

Frank has strong leadership capability and expertise in developing a hedge fund infrastructure. He is passionate about OpsCheck and knows it’s a necessary tool that senior management should strongly consider utilizing. While demand from regulators, auditors and investors continues to increase, OpsCheck is a great application to help you and the team wrap your arms around all the various functions and responsibilities and effectively manage them.