November 12, 2020

Gary Vann Joins TransFICC as Head of Sales

TransFICC has announced the appointment of Gary Vann as Head of Sales in a year when its workforce has grown by 50%.

Based in London, Gary is responsible for business development globally. An industry veteran, he has worked in Fixed Income sales for over 30 years, most recently at Nasdaq Fixed Income where he was Head of EMEA Sales and Account Management. Previous roles included working at BGC Partners broking US Treasuries and $IRS, at BrokerTec in US and CAD Bond sales, and RMJ Securities as a US Treasury Broker.

"Gary joins at a time when we have multiple banks live across Government and Corporate bonds, IRS, Repo and MBS. His extensive experience and senior industry relationships will help TransFICC to engage with new clients who need modern technology solutions to help them navigate the changing fixed income market, said Steve Toland, Co-Founder of TransFICC.

He added, "As we automate a growing number of complex e-trading workflows and connect with new trading venues, we are continuing to add industry-leading talent to our team. Despite the obvious challenges of the pandemic, we have grown by 50% during 2020."

During 2020, and throughout the Covid pandemic, TransFICC has continued to hire in Engineering and Management including: Damian Krogul (Network Engineer), Tom Johnson (Senior Software Engineer), Richard Osborne (Software Engineer), Jenna Carruthers (Office Manager), Nina Koritchneva (Business Analyst), Kate Posener (Software QA Engineer), and Dmitry Ogloblin (Software QA Engineer).

"Since March, when we began working exclusively from home, we have adopted Remote Pairing, where two Developers are able to code in pairs using virtual desktops. This has been very successful, meaning that new Developers have been brought up to speed and quickly started to deliver high quality, fast and robust code to our growing list of clients," said Tom McKee, Co-Founder of TransFICC.

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