Glyn Holton

Glyn Holton

About Glyn

I am many things, but I am first a sci­en­tist. At what is today called Ar­ca­dia Uni­ver­sity, I dou­ble-ma­jored in chem­istry and math­e­mat­ics with a minor in physics. I grad­u­ated at the top of my class.

Ex­cept for an in­tern­ship at Lehigh Uni­ver­sity, I never worked as a sci­en­tist, but the sci­en­tific method in­fuses my think­ing.

I earned a mas­ters de­gree from Tem­ple Uni­ver­sity. Yes, I am a Philadel­phia boy.

I thought about earn­ing a Ph.D. and be­com­ing an aca­d­e­mic, but I was drawn to the prac­ti­cal world of busi­ness.

Today, some­one with my sci­ence and math back­ground could eas­ily find work in fi­nance, but this was 1989. The rise or Wall Street quants was a few years off.

I started tak­ing ac­tu­ar­ial exams and ac­cepted an en­try-level ac­tu­ar­ial po­si­tion with MetLife. So my first job out of school had me im­mersed in risk.

I ad­vanced rapidly but soon left to work in in­vest­ment man­age­ment at Fi­delity In­vest­ments. I never re­turned to the in­sur­ance in­dus­try, but the ac­tu­ar­ial per­spec­tive on risk is some­thing I have re­tained. One of my strengths is the fact that I have worked with risk in so many con­texts, em­brac­ing the per­spec­tives on risk each one of­fers.

I re­mem­ber as a vice pres­i­dent at Fi­delity In­vest­ments—I worked on the in­sti­tu­tional in­vest­ing side—at­tend­ing an in­sur­ance con­fer­ence. Dur­ing a cock­tail hour, I in­tro­duced my­self to an ex­ec­u­tive. We shook hands and chat­ted. When I men­tioned I was an ac­tu­ary, the con­ver­sa­tion changed. He smiled warmly and said “Oh, let me shake your hand again.” I was one of them—I un­der­stood and ap­pre­ci­ated the chal­lenges they faced.