March 21, 2013

Google Reader is being retired – what’s a suitable alternative?

Google has decided to discontinue the well-liked Google Reader as part of the yearly spring cleaning, effective July 1st, 2013. I could lament now that it's a shame to throw away a product that follows the KISS concept ("keep it simple, stupid" :)  ). But it does not change a thing… So, the question now is – what to use as an alternative. I myself have decided to move to NewsBlur. My reasons were:

  • it is recommended by a lot of blogs and tech sites
  • it is very easy to get all your RSS feeds from Google Reader to NewsBlur (a few mouse clicks is all)
  • it has a very similar look and feel as Reader
  • it has iOS apps and an extension for Chrome

The last few days have seen NewsBlur being swamped with new users signing up and the service being somewhat unresponsive. This has now been remedied and the service works like a charm (at least for me). I have also opted to go for a $2/month premium plan. Now, this is my story – I am wondering what you will use in the future to receive your RSS feeds? Let us know and discuss. Tom

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