Collateral Management


12 Jun 2019 — Bill Hodgson

Is your collateral team running like clockwork? In this webinar we will dig into the ways you can prepare your team for UMR to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

Cassini SIMM Webinar
21 Jun 2019 — Bill Hodgson

IM & SIMM should now be part of front office decision making, and long-term portfolio management.  Our panel intends to discuss the extent to which initial margin should be part of all trading and portfolio decisions.  For UMR firms who are above the average notional threshold but potentially beneath the 50mm IM threshold on a relationship, can scale down their compliance plans. But, knowing the amount of IM needs work and managing the IM amount isn’t simple.

phase 5 delay
18 Jul 2019 — Bill Hodgson

Rumours are circulating that BCBS / IOSCO will shortly recommend that buy-side firms will be given additonal time to meet the final UMR compliance deadline.

UMR 50mm
10 Jul 2019 — Bill Hodgson

Matthew Kulkin at the CFTC has issued a letter amplifying the guideance from BSBC / IOSCO on how to handle a relationship which is beneath the 50mm IM threshold.

phase 5 UMR
04 Jul 2019 — James Cherry

So what have you won?

1st Prize - You can keep trading derivatives. Which is pretty cool if you're in the business of trading derivatives.

But here's the kicker. In order to post or receive collateral, it is highly likely that you will have to on board with everyone's favourite ICSD... Clearstream. By September 2020.

This should however be a small price to pay considering the prize at stake here, so read on...

To start with, there are three components to the Clearstream doc package that must be considered.

Stuart Connolly
03 Jun 2019 — Bill Hodgson

The new CEO at CloudMargin is a veteran of the OTC Market infrastructure space

31 Oct 2018 — Bill Hodgson

The buy-side collaborate to improve the margin call process for OTC and ETD products.

25 Sep 2018 — James Cherry

Clearstream’s OTC Collateral service supports buy side customers throughout the entire lifecycle of both cleared and uncleared collateral management, whilst at the same time uniquely enabling full reuse of received collateral for triparty purposes. 

12 Sep 2018 — Bill Hodgson

Hear from expert speakers on how to prepare for Initial Margin on uncleared OTC business. If your firm might be in scope for 2019 or 2020 then you need to hear these presentations, and get your questions answered.

16 Aug 2018 — Bill Hodgson

Take part in this years 2018 Initial Margin Survey and find out how other firms are planning to implement IM

26 Jul 2018 — Kari Litzmann

Following on from the CloudMargin "Seven Considerations about Initial Margin" and the ISDA paper, we summarise key points from the ISDA paper which also need consideration.

25 Jul 2018 — Bill Hodgson

Through seven key considerations, this paper explores the IM regulations and challenges to be tackled from the perspective of a collateral management and OTC derivatives operations leader. It is designed to help the reader understand what to consider, within a specific timeframe, and how to meet their compliance date across the areas of law, risk, operations and technology.