Collateral Management


12 Jun 2019 — Bill Hodgson

Is your collateral team running like clockwork? In this webinar we will dig into the ways you can prepare your team for UMR to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

Cassini SIMM Webinar
21 Jun 2019 — Bill Hodgson

IM & SIMM should now be part of front office decision making, and long-term portfolio management.  Our panel intends to discuss the extent to which initial margin should be part of all trading and portfolio decisions.  For UMR firms who are above the average notional threshold but potentially beneath the 50mm IM threshold on a relationship, can scale down their compliance plans. But, knowing the amount of IM needs work and managing the IM amount isn’t simple.

TriOptima Video
27 Oct 2017 — Jenny Nilsson

Watch our latest videos on the collateral management landscape, covering five topics. Jenny Nilsson and I discuss regulation, market readiness, the FX rules and more.

24 Oct 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The team here at The OTC Space are pleased to announce the availability of the downloadable PDF edition of Rocket 10 (in the attachments section below). Formatted in landscape to fit your computer or portable device screen, this edition contains inside information on what's happening in the industry. The PDF is attached below, and contains a great set of articles from previous and new authors.

Cleared IM and VM
18 Sep 2017 — Bill Hodgson

A new ISDA survey explain the flows of margin for cleared and uncleared OTC products

08 Sep 2017 — Bill Hodgson

Updated ISDA SIMM model coming later this year

16 Aug 2017 — Robin Moody

Discover 11 useful tips for navigating compliance with the uncleared margin rules, and results from our peer benchmark survey.

20 Jul 2017 — Karl Wyborn

Read our top tips to achieve complianc with the Uncleared Margin Rules - 11 important topics you need to address.

05 Jul 2017 — Nick Stafford

The race to be ready for the bi-lateral margining of OTC derivatives is reaching its closing stage but there is still work to be done. As the February Initial Margin (IM) deadline has passed and the March Variation Margin (VM) deadline looms, many firms are still not ready. There may be a method for some entities to continue trading without posting IM until August 2017.

14 Jun 2017 — John Lund

The buyside have faced many challenges over the last few years, but 2017 is shaping up to be a vintage year.  And just like several bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, this year is likely to leave a very large hangover.

09 Jun 2017 — Robin Moody

Following our successful webinar here is a high quality video recording of the event. We covered the lifecycle of work from re-papering to implementation and operational aspects of margin agreements. 

07 Jun 2017 — Samantha Hodgson

The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) brings you together with senior decision makers from the world’s most innovative and forward thinking asset managers globally. OTC Space Registered readers can access a 20% discount on registration.

31 May 2017 — Phil Langton

The new Variation Margin regulations impact all financial entities as well as systemically important non-financial entities that deal in uncleared OTC trades. This means that from March onwards, all new trades will need to be captured under a collateral agreement and margined daily with collateral posted to cover the MTM movements. Whilst this may sound simple in principle to achieve, entering into a collateral agreement is no simple task.

22 May 2017 — Robin Moody

Many firms need to create or modify ISDA CSA agreements to achieve compliance around the world with the Uncleared Margin Regulations (UMR). This survey will give you an insight into what other firms are doing to become compliant. We will reveal the results live at a webinar and explain the options for carrying out the repapering and implementing your agreements.